Welcome to the Italian Club of Cape Town

The Italian Club of Cape Town was established many years ago to not only create a meeting place for Italians but to be a home away from home to Italian immigrants living in Cape Town. Today we consider ourselves one of the major social hubs in Cape Town that offers a wide range of diversity, entertainment, culture and activities to get involved in. Here’s what we have to offer:


Italy is known worldwide for its amazing food and wonderful wine. That being said our restaurant should be an absolute must on your bucket list. Our restaurant is open to members and non- members alike, so come and join us for good food, great music and the best live entertainment around. The company is pretty great too.


Once you’ve had enough to eat, why not join one of our 5-a-side football teams and work off some of the food you enjoyed? If you’re not a football fan we have many other social activities for you to enjoy such as bocce (Italian bowls), archery, fencing and even pétanque (French bowls). If you don’t fancy yourself the outdoorsy type we have plenty of indoor activities such as a cards room, a library, pool tables as well as bar facilities, if you’d much rather enjoy a glass of that famous Italian wine people are always raving about.


Our spacious, fully functional venue is ideal for hosting events such as wedding receptions or corporate functions like award ceremonies and staff functions. Our hardworking and committed restaurant staff will treat your event as if they were hosting it themselves.

Our people along with our amazing food and the impressive venue will ensure your event is a major success and is sure to have your guests planning a trip to Italy immediately.

So do yourself a favour and pop around for a glass of wine or one our amazing pizza’s or pastas. We may not be shaped like a boot, but we are definitely the closest thing to the mainland you’ll find in Cape Town.