Italian Language Classes (Closed until 2018)

We’re super excited to team up with Federica Marchesini of Lingo School Cape Town, to teach conversational Italian at our Club. Once you have completed the beginner classes there will be opportunity to sign up for more advanced Italian lessons. The lessons aim to be fun and very interactive!


Content of the course would be:

  • 1 lesson: FOOD & PRONUNCIATION

Learn Pronunciation while you learn vocabulary about FOOD (how to order in a restaurant – Italian menu)


Learn how to introduce yourself  (nationality/ work/ family/ hobbies)  Learn the basic greetings 

  • 3 lesson : HOLIDAY & DIRECTIONS

Learn basic vocabulary about your holiday and the basic expressions to ask for directions

  • 4 lesson: SHOPPING

Learn how to buy anything in Italy (clothing/shoes/ technology//food/) and how to pay

  • 5 lesson REVISION

Test yourself on what you have learnt during the mini course

The Italian Beginner Package Price will be as follows:

  • Beginner Package 5 Lessons but you only pay for 4. (1st lesson is FREE)
  • R500 pp payable in advance.
  • You need to be a Club Member

Lessons will be scheduled Saturday mornings 10h30-11h30 at the Italian Club of Cape Town

Please fill in the application form below.

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Payment details

We will confirm your package deal once the payment confirmation has been received.

Italian Club of Cape Town Banking details:

  • FNB, Thibault Square
  • Account Number: 54450710959
  • Branch Code: 202509
  • Please send payment confirmation to:
  • Your reference must be marked: ICCT Language Lessons

Terms & conditions

  1. You need to be a paid member of the Italian Club of Cape Town
  2. The fees you pay for this course needs to be paid in advance
  3. The free lesson applies only when you pay for the language package in full in advance
  4. The free lesson will be given only at the beginning of the language lesson package cycles
  5. The fees are non-refundable
  6. The course is non transferrable
  7. You need to bring your own note paper and pen to take notes
  8. If you miss one or more classes, you forfeit them completely
  9. Minimum amount of people per package applies (or you’ll get a full refund)
  10. You abide by the full constitution of the Italian Club of Cape Town