Benefits of Membership

Being a member of the Italian Club of Cape Town gives you the following priviledges:

  • 10% discount on all restaurant meals
  • 10% discount on all refreshments
  • New membership discount vouchers
  • Preferential rates for Sunday lunches
  • Access to or VIP Members-only Italian Restaurant. (Our other restaurant – Ristorante Italiano is for members and non-members)
  • Preferential rates for main club event functions.
  • Preferential rates on hiring of Club facilities i.e.: Hire one of our 7 venues for your next function (You need to have been a member for one year)
  • Qualify to join any of the unique sports facilities.
    • Archery, Soccer, 5X5 Soccer, Fencing, Bocce/Pétanque.
    • Note each one has their own set membership fees
  • Qualify to join any of our culture activities.
    • Italian Youth Club, Art Club, Dance Club – more to come
    • Note Italian Youth Club (Free), other activities has their own set membership fees
  • Free inclusion into our Italian Club Membership Contact Booklet (& Online Profile access)
  • Inclusion to our monthly members ‘happenings’ newsletter
  • Free business listing on our Italian Club of Cape Town website.

All the monies that is collected for membership of the ICCT goes towards the upgrading and maintenance of Club facilities. As a member of the Italian Club of Cape Town, you’ll be a key part of the family. You can help shape the club in ways that would suit the best interest of all members.

Membership Types

The Italian Club of Cape Town have two types of membership

1. Honorary Membership

Honorary membership may  be conferred by the Management Committee to any person who has extended or conferred some special benefit upon the Club or holds some public office.

2. Standard Membership

A Standard Member, at the time of admission, shall have the benefits that all members have and can enjoy them for that designated time until the membership comes up for renewal or expiration.

Membership Annual Fees

Family Membership – Husband, Wife and Children under 16 

Couple Membership – Husband & Wife

Single Membership – Single, Student, Youth, Widow  

Pensioners Couple Membership – Husband & Wife 

Pensioners Single Membership – Single, Widow 

PLEASE NOTE: Once-Off subscription fee added for NEW MEMBERS only






R70-00 (Once-off administration fee)

Please be sure to read our Club Constitution  |  Download here

Membership Application

Application Form Here