Dear Members

Attached please find the information for the upcoming AGM which will be held on Sunday 10 June 2018 at 15:30 at the Italian Club of Cape Town

First let me apologise for the delay in having this meeting

I have had an extremely busy start to the year personally. And the club has also had to make some unexpected administrative changes that required our attention.

I hope that you will accept my apology in this regard.

The AGM has only one non-standard item on it and this related to the proposed changes to the constitution.  Our constitution was very outdated and did not make provision for many of the important things the club requires today.  Especially in terms of the operations of the membership on line for which the old constitution did not make provision

We are sure you will agree that none of the changes fundamentally change the purpose or strategies of the club, it simply updates some much need operational guidelines.

Please note that as a result of some resignations on the committee we have room for some new committee members.  Please inform the admin office should you be available or would like to nominate someone.  Nominations should be received by close of business 8 June 2018

Looking forward to seeing you all there to deliver you a full report on the clubs status and activities

Kind regards
Chrystal Grauso

Please note the following downloads are available here: