The Archery club at the Italian Club focuses on providing a venue for all Archers irrespective of age, gender and race to participate in a variety of archery disciplines in a safe and secure environment. The Archery club has delivered archers that have represented South Africa at the highest level possible both locally and Internationally returning many awards since its establishment in the mid 80’s. The goal of the club is to also create a social environment where new members are afforded the opportunity to learn the sport and eventually decide how far they would like to take their skills. The Archery club is affiliated to the Western Cape Archery Federation as well as the South African National Archery Federation.

The Archery club offers Indoor Archery at the standard International distance of 18m as well as Outdoor Archery up to distances of 90m. The Outdoor Archery comprises two main disciplines that follow the international rules of either the International Field Archery Association (IFAA) or World Archery (WA). Archery is essentially an individual sport, however, we compete as a Club at annual events Nationally and in the Western Cape when the opportunity presents itself.

Training, Competitions & Costs

  • The Archery club has a standard social evening every Tuesday commencing from 17h00.
  • Members however have access to the facility on a 24/7 basis via a key entry & combination lock system.
  • The Archery club has for the past 4 years developed a handicap system (similar to Golf) where archers of varying skill levels are able to compete against one another on an equal footing. The Archery club tracks the progress of each archer throughout the year in competition through a series of month end league events as well as outdoor competitions hosted at the Italian Club that culminates in the official Club championships held in November every year.
  • The cost of membership to the Archery Club is R350 per year which excludes ICCT membership
  •  All club members need to provide their own archery equipment.
  • Membership to the Italian Club of Cape Town is mandatory.

Archery Club Committee

  • Francois Hugo (083-384-2566) – Chairman
  • Marco Pellis (082-473-0439)  – Technical Advisor
  • John Hutton (082-803-3885) – Vice Chairman
  • Nick Barnard (083 775 4501) – Treasurer & Secretary


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