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07 April 2019

Dear Members

It is the time of the year again where we meet to have our Annual AGM on Sunday 28 April 2019 at 15:00.

We have delayed the date slightly as a result of how early school holidays were and the fact that we had some last projects we wanted to complete before the new committee step in. The AGM will take on a slightly different format this year in that we will serve refreshments directly after so that we may spend some time with the members and leaders of the community

I specifically encourage all community and association leaders to attend and participate.  We want to work closer together with you so that we may together achieve more for the greater good of the members and our Italian community. I urge you to make this a different AGM by actively coming to participate in the debate about the future of the club, its role in the community and a way forward.

Year after year the same people attend the AGM, we need everyone to participate and come and share their views. The club is at a cross roads and we as a managing committee need the members to participate in the decision we make now about our future. We need to know what the needs of the members are and what is required from the committee to succeed in achieving them The club is financially stable thank to the hard work of the committee and specifically the team looking after functions which is the main revenue driver.

I have always loved serving our club because I love my heritage and I am proud of my culture.  I hope that the like minded members will be in attendance at the AGM so that we may go forward strong and more united.

Best wishes

Chrystal Grauso

Italian Club of Cape Town  |  President


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