Fitness Centre (For Italian Club of Cape Town members only)

This area is situated upstairs in the OLD boardroom or as the older members remember it as the Youth Disco Room.

The monthly Membership fee is R120 per month.

Operating times from Tuesday 16th October.

Tuesday – Friday
9am – 12 noon
4pm – 7pm

9am – 12 noon

This is our outside fun day
Walks to the beach
Fitness Circuit in the outdoors
Bring your own light dumbbells, Skipping ropes etc

Sunday & Monday Closed

Please Note :

Our Fitness Centre is for young and us older folks to exercise at ones leisure in order to lead and live healthier lifestyles therefore all age groups are welcome.

Please bring your own towels, water bottles, light dumbbells and training gloves.

Training shoes must be worn at all times in the Fitness Centre.

No showers are available.

Youth Members must be accompanied by their parents or staff at all times.

Right of Admission & Rules and Regulations Apply

This area will comprise of 20 plus Circuit Exercise Machines consisting of the following namely :

  • Leg Extension
  • Hamstring
  • Ladies Inner & Outer Leg   
  • Lateral Pulldowns
  • Dips, Chin Combination
  • Hyper Extension
  • Sit Up Benches
  • Crunchy Bench
  • Peck Deck
  • Shoulder Press
  • Leg Press
  • Bench Press
  • Curl & Lat Combination
  • Arm Curl
  • Stepper
  • Matts for Exercise
  • Bikes

Please Note:

  1. The machines are a combination of Zest & Challenger Weight Stack Equipment and the Centre will be managed by Colin Gie.
  2. Enquiries: Colin Gie Tel: 083 305 0506 or Email:
  3. There are no shower facilities.
  4. Every member must have his own towel in order for hygiene and cleanliness purposes when exercising.
  5. No loose weights will be available.
  6. The Fitness Circuit is suitable for all age groups but children must always be under the supervision of Colin, their parents or an experienced member.
  7. All members are training at their own risk.
  8. It is envisaged that in the summer months that exercise, stretching and walking groups will become very much part of our fitness lifestyle at the club.