History of the Italian Club of Cape Town

Founding Members


These are those members and friends of the ICCT who found a need for an Italian Community meeting space in Cape Town. These are the men, women and companies who put their minds, funds and resources together for us current generation of Italians to have a place where we can call our own.  A place to meet, have fun, play sports, to be social, and to join in fellow Italian community.

V. Agnello

A. Alberti

Alitalia Airlines

F. Bagatta

A. Barabino

G. Barletta

D.O. Barrett

M. Barrett

R. Barrett

M. Bedin

L. Bersella

P. Betti

G. Bonadei

L. Nottega

H. Burnett

A. Burreddu

O. Carmassi

A. Ciolli

I. Ciucci

G. Colussi

L. Collussi

F. D’Ambrosio

G. Fabbri

B. Fioravanti

M. Fioravanti

R. Fioravanti

Dr. U. Foresta

A. Gatti

D. Isola

P. Kaplan

L. Triestino

R. Massari

G.B. Mercorio

I. Moni

Moni Brothers

B. Mori

A. Navarra

G. Nebuloni

L. Pagano

M. Pagliari

A. Panebianco

A. Porcelli

A. Puccini

F. Puccini

M. Puccini

G. Ricciardi

I. Rubbi

E. Sandri

E.E. Sanvido

M.A.S. Sanvido

V. Sanvido

C. Saporetti

A. Schincariol

M. Serefini

E. Stefanutto

V. Sterza

A. Traverso

A. Vanzaghi

G.M. Viotti

G. Volpato

Presidents Past and Present


The ICCT President has a huge role to fill; in order to make sure that the past, present and future of the club is at the best interests of its committee and members alike. This position consists of planning, organizing, and carrying out responsibilities associated with the role as the ICCT’s chief executive officer. When a President is elected, at a voting AGM (as stated in the ICCT constitution), a new managing committee is also elected to help the president with those responsibilities in order for the club to move forward and to maintain what previous club presidents and committees have done in the past. The management committee will help the president to succeed when those tasks and expectations are clearly defined, reasonable, and the members share appropriate interest and skill.

1965               A. De Candia

1967               A. Traverso

1969               G. Nebuloni

1971               R. Turilli

1973               F. Conterato

1975               G. D’Arrico

1977               I. Pugliese

1979               E. Mottalini

1983               E. Ranzani

1985               R. Ciman

1987               G. Fiorini

1991               M. Ciman

1993               G. Giardino

1995               F. Busi

1997               G. Giardino

1999               G. Fiorini

2001               L. Dallavalle

2003               G. Fiorini

2005               R. Panebianco

2006               P. Di Gia

2007               G. Fiorini

2009               R. Panebianco

2012               C. Grauso

2014               C. Grauso

2016               C. Grauso

2019               C. Grauso

2020               P. Di Gia