Main Hall

  • Seated 400 people comfortably allowing space for a dance floor (round table of 10 people each )
  • Seated 450 people comfortably not allowing space for a dance floor(round table of 10 people each )
  • Cinema style seating (chairs only ) is 600-800 people comfortable
  • School room style (trestle tables with chairs facing front ) is roughly 200 people (seating 4 people to a table )
  • The venue fee is R6000 for non-members and 20% off for members.
  • Venue fee includes tables, chairs, cutlery and crockery, up to 200 people, extra tables and chairs is hired at clients own cost
  • All linen and décor is for Clients own cost
  • Subject to our Terms and Conditions  |  View here





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