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Dear Member,

We are in the process of making upgrades to several areas of our club facilities and in the new year we will be embarking on some exciting initiatives to help club members get to know one another better. We also hope to offer some new activities unique to our Italian Club and we will be embarking on a new membership drive in 2017.

Before we can do this, we want to find out from our members what they currently think of the club (be honest), and also if they would like to get more actively involved in the club by perhaps contributing of their time, talent and expertise in areas that would benefit others at the Italian Club of Cape Town.

The following are some questions to help us find out a little bit more about our club members. Filling this form is done on a voluntary basis, and completely confidential. Only the managing committee will see these details to help them evaluate and plan better for the upcoming year. We will not share any of these details with anyone else.

Once we have all the research forms back from our members, we will take you through a presentation to give you feedback and present you with the plan ahead. Please don’t miss this opportunity to get involved and help make the Italian Club of Cape Town better for everyone.

Thank You, from the Italian Club of Cape Town Management Team


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