Sport Activities Overview

The return of many sporting codes to the Italian Club is deemed key by our Sports Management Committee,

and while we face many challenges during Covid, rest assured that every effort is being made to enhance the

future success of our club via sport.

Talks are underway to upgrade our sports facilities for the benefit of all our members both past, present and



The Archery club at the Italian Club focuses on providing a venue for all Archers irrespective of age, gender and race to participate in a variety of archery disciplines in a safe and secure environment. The Archery club has delivered archers that have represented South Africa at the highest level possible both locally and Internationally returning many awards since its establishment in the mid 80’s. The goal of the club is to also create a social environment where new members are afforded the opportunity to learn the sport and eventually decide how far they would like to take their skills. The Archery club is affiliated to the Western cape Archery Federation as well as the South African National Archery Federation.  Read more


You can think of modern bowling as a distant cousin of bocce. In England, they have “bowls”, a lawn version of the game using a flattened ball which is rolled like a wheel (bocce balls are always spherical). The Latin word bottia (ball) is the root of the Italian word boccio or Bocce. During a game, a ball is either rolled or tossed underhanded down a long lane with the aim of coming to rest near a smaller target ball called a pallino or boccino . Some form of bocce is played in more countries than any other ball game, with the exception of soccer. Still, Romans are the ones who spread the popularity of the game throughout the Roman Empire.  Read more


We offer various Soccer ‘Packages’ to meet different group’s needs.  Read more

Should you be interested in joining, or need further information, please contact Colin Gie on 083 305 0506 or email

Fitness Centre

The fitness centre is well equipped with all the necessary equipment to allow you to achieve your strength and fitness goals. – Read more